June 22, 2023
Jack Warner

Do you have a cat or dog at home? Do these pets cause damage to your carpets? Well, it is common for pets to chew and tear the carpet fabric with their nails and teeth. Because of anxiousness and excitement, household pets could damage carpet padding and fibres. But, there is no need to replace the carpet because of minor problems. In fact, you could book carpet repair Brisbane service to restore the carpet. Here, you would know more about the damage caused by pets and how professionals fix it.

Carpet Repair Brisbane

Loose Carpet Strands

While playing, the pets generally pull out the strands of the carpets. Especially, the edges of the carpets get affected. These ends not only look unpleasant but also become a threat to everyone’s safety. Sounds like a big problem? You could book carpet repair services Brisbane and take help from trained professionals. They could use techniques like gluing, taping, and sewing to put back the loose threads together. A hot melt glue gun is used to stick back the loose threads. The work done by experts is so accurate that you will not be able to recognise the originally damaged section.

Chewed Carpets

Pets are adorable creatures. But, you might face challenges in keeping the carpets flawless. Dogs love to chew carpets. You can notice chewed carpets in almost every pet owner’s house. But, there is nothing to worry about. You don’t have to face embarrassment because of a chewed carpet.

Patching, gluing, and stitching are three techniques that work perfectly for mending chewed carpets. If the chewed section is not small or negligible, then professionals use glue, double-sided tape, and a needle to sew back the torn section.

In case the torn section is big, then professionals use a technique named patching. It is a fantastic method that helps in fixing burnt or torn carpets. In this method, the damaged section is trimmed from the carpet. Then, the experts place a matching patch over the same area to conceal the problematic area. Lastly, a comb is used to blend the patch with the carpet.

Damaged Seams

It is not possible to buy a carpet that fits perfectly in a room. At the time of carpet fitting, it becomes important to join different pieces of carpet. If carpet installation is done properly, you would not notice the lines formed after joining the carpet.

But, the pets could damage the seams. By rubbing their feet constantly at one spot, they might split the seam. This kind of damage could cause problems for humans. Chances of fall injuries could increase because of affected seams.

You could seek help from experts as they can repair the seam easily. Carpet seam repair is one of the useful Brisbane carpet repair services. Professionals could use carpet tape to join the carpet pieces together. Then, the carpet is glued to the carpet padding. Next, a seam iron is used to seal everything properly. Once the seams are repaired, the experts blend everything with sandpaper or a comb.

Permanent Stains on Carpets

Pets could leave some horrible stains on the carpet with their urine, saliva, and vomit spills. Even intense cleaning methods fail when the stains are dark and tough. In such a situation, you should consider a carpet repair service. The experts could replace the stained part with a new patch. This would save your carpet from permanent damage.

Scratch Marks

Due to the sharp nails of cats and dogs, the carpets often become rugged. The lines made by scratching spoil the overall look of the carpet. The professionals could use certain methods to remove the scratch signs. To blend the scratched section with the entire carpet, the experts could use sandpaper. Sometimes, ice cubes and steam are used to make the carpet moist. Then, it becomes easy for the experts to remove the marks with a comb. If the damage is severe, the professionals have to make use of the patching method.

How to Protect Carpet From Pet Damage?

With a proactive approach, you could prevent the damage that pets could cause to your carpet. Here, you find some tips that are suggested by experts. These are simple and can be implemented in daily life:

  • Give a New Home to Pets

You should not allow pets to play in the living room. You can buy them a pet house. This step would ensure that the mess stays within a certain area. You could also train them well so that regular damage to carpets can be avoided.

  • Pay Attention to Pet Nails

Keep the nails of your pets trimmed. Scratch marks could be prevented with this tip.

  • Understand Pet Behaviour

You need to recognise the factors that trigger stress and anxiety in pets. If you feel that pets are stressed out, then you need to keep them away from carpets.

  • Place Rugs

If the household pets love to play in your living room and bedroom, then you could place rugs. This trick works when there is high foot traffic on the carpet.

  • Choose the Carpet Carefully

These days, pet-proof carpets are available in the market. They are more durable than normal carpets. Moreover, they are scratch-resistant. While choosing the carpet, make sure that you pay attention to its features.

  • Hire Experts on Time

Fix the minor damage right away. When you leave minor problems untreated, they turn big. So, it is crucial to ask for professional help soon after identifying the damage. The experts have a wide range of tools. They can use them accurately to revamp the carpets after damage.


Carpet repair services such as patching and gluing could be used by experts to restore a pet-damaged carpet. Professionals choose an appropriate treatment after analysing the severity and type of damage. The above guide will help you in knowing the damage types and the techniques required to repair them. In addition, we have listed some ways that could be beneficial in keeping pet damage at bay. If your carpet has been tattered by pets, then you can contact Maxpro Carpet Repair Brisbane. We would offer you some specialised solutions for pet-damaged carpet restoration.


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