January 13, 2022

Carpet Restretching repair Brisbane

If you are looking for a reputed carpet repair company in Brisbane for your carpet restretching repair Brisbane then you have made the correct decision of hiring professionals for a job that will safeguard the quality of your carpets and restore their shine and sheen! Max Pro Carpet Repair Brisbane is a renowned and licensed carpet repair service provider in Brisbane.

Carpet damage happens because of the activities of pets which lead to ripping and torn areas. Harsh chemicals also ruin the surfaces leaving stains on them which refuse to go away with detergents or cleaning agents. Such incidents demand accurate treatment methodologies to clean the affected area with precision and no further damage. We, at Max Pro Carpet Repair Brisbane, possess expertise in repairing any type of damage affecting your carpets. We also possess the necessary technical know-how for carpet restretching repair in Brisbane for carpets in your residential or commercial properties. These services are needed when carpets develop bumps, ripples, waves or any similar anomaly which can make them look unsightly and hazardous. Our technicians provide excellent repair and restretching services and make them look as new and pleasant. These aforementioned conditions develop as a result of poor installation, improper laying and cleaning etc. Routinely restretching the carpets in your residential and commercial properties can multiply their life and improve their appearance.

Carpet re-stretching refreshes and gives a clean and sanitary and neat appearance to the carpet. What’s more is that it won’t cost you a bomb! Our technicians, once they are done with restretching will trim off the surplus carpet and the edges are stuck securely to the sides of the wall.

Max Pro Carpet Repair Brisbane always makes use of detergents and cleaning agents that are environment-friendly. We always make sure to use cleaning agents that are mild yet effective and do not cause any harm to your pets, infants, or elderly family members. Also we do not recommend washing the carpets and rugs at your house on your own or worse, with DIY methods. Washing the carpet without any professional expertise can only harm the fabric and destroy it slowly. In turn, washing the carpet yourself with domestic cleaning agents will also start the growth of wrinkles and bubbles on the surfaces. Our technicians are only given the best of restretching instruments and training to prevent you from spending exorbitant money on replacing the damaged carpet. Our techniques will improve the life of the carpet and give it a new lease of life! Max Pro Carpet Repair Brisbane is always one call away! We are always open to offer you guidance without any charges and of course the best of treatment facilities!

Services we offer

  • Carliet Cleaning Service
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • End of Lease Cleaning Services
  • Office / Commercial Cleaning Melbourne
  • Uliholstery Cleaning Melbourne
  • Mattress Cleaning Melbourne
  • Carliet Reliair and Restretching

Repair and Restretching Process at Max Pro Carpet Repair Brisbane:

1 .Dry soil vacuuming – A high-level industrial vacuum cleaner is used to remove dry and loose dust particles easily from the carpet.

2. Steaming – Steam cleaner is used for applying hot steam to the carpet to remove stains that are ridden with grease and oil.

3. Wrinkles are removed– High-power instruments are used for removing wrinkles from carpet surfaces and restretching them. We reinstall after restretching and ridding the carpet of wrinkles and ripples.

4. Moist – The carpet is moistened to make the deeply lodged dirt come out easily via the water used for moistening it.

5. Seaming – We at Max Pro Carpet Repair Brisbane, also use methods such as seaming and hauling for restretching your carpets and eliminating wrinkles, ripples, waves and bubbles from the carpets.

6. Hot water extraction – Hot water extraction is another method to use carpets and clean them effectively with steam cleaning.

7. Fiber Grooming – The carpet is inspected again for checking if all the damage has been cleared and cleaned properly. It is groomed to perfection to make it look prim and pristine.


At Max Pro Carpet Repair Brisbane, we believe that carpets beautify homes in a very fine and contemporary manner. Hire our expert technicians and sit back and get a cleaned and pristine carpet for your home! Call us on 0488882342 or drop an enquiry on our website. A technician would arrive at your home the same day to solve your carpet problems!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does carpet cleaning come first or carpet stretching?

Answer: It is always recommended to perform carpet stretching from the experts before they clean your carpets. Feel free to connect with the carpet cleaning experts at Max Pro Carpet Repair Brisbane to obtain valuable guidance as well as exceptional carpet cleaning services from our team of experts.

2. What are your charges for examining the carpet whether it needs stretching or cleaning?

Answer: We at Max Pro Carpet Repair Brisbane do not charge a single penny for examining your carpets to check the damage. We also offer carpet restretching repair to our Brisbane customers at extremely affordable prices.

3. Do I need to move my furniture for restretching?

Answer: Moving your furniture before the restretching is always a good idea and recommended by the carpet experts. When you hire Max Pro Carpet Repair Brisbane, you need not worry about any such formality as our technicians do everything.

4. Why have my carpets developed bumps?

Answer: Carpets develop bumps because of poor installation, inappropriate methods of cleaning or wear and tear of the carpet.

5. How much is the time taken for carpet restretching?

Answer: The technicians at Max Pro Carpet Repair Brisbane usually finish restretching your carpets in 1 hour. Book an appointment for yourself via a simple phone call or filling the inquiry form on our website and get help for your carpet restretching issue!

6. Does steam cleaning help in effectively cleaning your carpets?

Answer: Yes, but only if done by professional carpet cleaning experts. If you attempt to do it at home with your own 2 hands and a rented steam cleaner, you will only end up with a water-filled carpet. Hire Max Pro Carpet Repair Brisbane for getting your carpets steam cleaned with perfection.


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